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Programs & Course Fees

English as a Second Language Programs

TalktalkGO!'s English programs are based on the idea that students benefit most from a language program that is customized to their unique needs. With over 300 language classes offered daily, students have the freedom to choose.

Work experience programs

Engineering programs

Engineering almost has a language of its own. We will help you with everything from writing specifications in English, how to sound like a native speaker in your emails, and much more. Engineering is challenging enough without the language differences, but our patient and dynamic teachers will guide you through the difficulties and toward success!

Hospitality courses

If you studied French in school as a child but can now only understand the French ingredients on cereal boxes, you're not alone! Here's your chance to go back to another popular language, this time to learn it efficiently and effectively.

Idioms and Slang program

Whether you want to visit one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, communicate with your relatives, or understand English movies without subtitles, you're sure to enjoy TalktalkGo!'s newest program and the new worlds it opens to you.

English through movies

There are thousands of English movies and TV programs coming from Hollywood. Studying English from Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and House of Cards provides valuable learning opportunities, that are also enriching and fun!

Other English courses

English the American Way program

Studying in one of our small group classes, you can easily make a lot of progress. Our enthusiastic and patient Japanese teachers will guide you through this fascinating language experience, while also teaching you about American culture and traditions.

TOEFL language programs

Students who wish to enter a university pathways program at Seattle Pioneers (our study abroad partner) can include our TOEFL Test Preparation Course as part of their studies.

English for Love program

If you want to date or be-friend westerners, you will need to speak English. We can give you a crash course in the English basics to have a meaningful conversation with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

Picture books for kids program

Children love to read picturebooks. We give English lessons using the same picture books used by American children. With lots of pictures these books scale from early readers with simple words with help from an English teacher, all the way up to more complex sentences with children reading by themselves.